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CIC Stealth Pro Digital OTC Hearing Aids $167.00 $334.00
FDA Registered Digital OTC Hearing Aids Nearly Invisible CIC Design, Fits with Glasses Rechargeable: 20 Hours of Power per Charge LED Wireless Portable Charging Case: (Recharge 3x) Great Sound Quality, Noise Reduction, Voice Clarity Easy One-Button Control for Volume and Modes USA 16-Channel Digital Chip Technology (Same As Many $2,000 Hearing Aids) Three Ear-Tip Sizes to Fit Your Ears Comfortably Free Shipping & Lifetime Customer Support 1-Year Warranty + 2 Free eBook Bonuses! 45-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
-50% sale
CIC Stealth OTC Hearing Aids CIC Stealth OTC Hearing Aids
CIC Stealth OTC Hearing Aids $149.00 $298.00
Nearly Invisible CIC Design: Fits with Glasses and Face Masks FDA Registered OTC Hearing Aids Rechargeable: 18 Hours per Charge Affordable & Great Sound Quality Three Ear-Dome Sizes for Comfortable Fit Easy Volume Control Portable Charging Case: 60 Hours of Battery Life FREE Shipping & Lifetime Customer Support Comes with a Standard 1-Year Warranty 45-Day No-Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee!