Are Hearing Aids FSA/HSA Eligible?
The IRS determines what expenditures qualify for FSA and HSA reimbursement, you can view Publication 969 on the IRS website for more information.

Hearing aids are eligible for reimbursement with an FSA and HSA.

What are Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts?
Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) allows you to set aside pre-tax money, sometimes directly from your paycheck, to pay for eligible medical expenses.

HSA accounts roll over into the following year. But if you’re planning on using FSA funds, remember that you need to make your purchase by December 31 to be eligible to use your account.

Be sure to check how your FSA or HSA card works so that you know whether you should spend your funds before the year is out.

How can I use my FSA/HSA account to buy hearing aids?
If you have one of these accounts already set up, hearing aids are reimbursed in the same way as any other covered medical expense, such as eyeglasses or dental work. If you have an FSA/HSA credit card or debit card, you would just pay for the hearing aids with your credit card.

If you don’t have access to a FSA/HSA credit or debit card, you can submit receipts from your purchases to your insurance company or employer for reimbursement from your account.